Breeding Room

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2017 UPDATE:

We are stoked to have rung up over 30 baby budgies this summer ( blue rings 2017)

We have been pleasantly surprised by our six breeding pairs who have produce lacewings, normals, opalines, cinnamons, blues, greens,  greys, grey greens and split-lacewings.


Outdoor dunny budgie love-shack conversion (humble beginnings)

Dunny conversion1Dunny conversion 2

Lacewing 400 (white lacewing hen x grey opaline cinnamon/lacewing)

August 7th 2016

Lacewing 400 7th Aug


Lacewing 400 7th Aug b

First clutch for Splice August 2016

Splice x Ray ( yellow lacewing hen x grey cinnamon cock)

September 14th 2016

Ray (grey cinnamon cock) helping Splice ( yellow lacewing hen) with their first chick.


Clutch of 7 eggs . Neat and tidy nest by Buttercup (yellow lacewing hen) and Gearing ( Green Cinnamon cock)


Ray Parker Junior: Cinnamon grey ( Ray x Splice) enjoying hand feeding and relaxing after leaving the nest


Blow is Goliath and Ray Parker Jnr in the nest Sept 2016


Show cage training for Goliath: Opaline cinnamon/lacewing (Ray x Splice)


Green chick (3 weeks old, 30th October 2016) Gearing (cock) x Buttercup (hen)


Yellow chick (2 1/2 weeks old, 30th October 2016) Gearing (cock) x Buttercup (hen)


Ray Parker Jnr  a Cinnamon Grey (Ray x Splice)


B.B (bronwyn) Sky Blue Hen ( G. Tonkin) In her nest on six eggs, Oct 2016