2018 show season finishes on a high

We were thrilled to be awarded some of the major prizes at the Western Suburbs Budgerigar Society’s 61st Annual Diploma show on the 11/11/18. To our great surprise we took home the awards for :

Beginner Best Young Bird (Spangle cock) Beginner Best Young Bird Opposite Sex ( Lutino hen)

Beginner Best UBC ( Opaline AOSV) Beginner Reserve UBC (Lacewing)

Beginner Best Adult Bird Opposite Sex ( Lacewing hen)

Best Lacewing UBC  following ‘up ‘Freckles’ 2017 trifecta, that’s the  Eastern, Clyde and Western Diploma shows UBC Lacewing award for MW6 o44 (she’ll get a name soon enough, as do all the champs)

We’ve had a fun and fantastic 2018 and made significant improvements in the overall quality of our birds in our second year of breeding and competing.

Beginner Best UBC  (Opaline AOSV)

Lacewing MW6 o44  Beginner Reserve UBC and Trifecta winner Best UBC Lacewing Variety Eastern, Clyde and Western Diplomas 2018

Lutino Hen MW6 oo3 ‘The Brick with Eyes’ Beginner Best Young Bird Opposite Sex

Lacewing ‘Husky’ Beginner Best Adut Bird Opp Sex ( see the post from May 14 2017)

western_diploma_show_results  2018                            western_ubc_results_2018